• PUTRID INBRED - Scavenger CD
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Kategorie produktu:Płyty CD
Producent:Shiver Records

Debiut długogrający belgijskiego zespołu grającego brutalny grind/death metal!

Review from Live4Metal.com:
Without wishing to offend a whole nation, there aren't half some sick fuckers in Belgium. And just to prove my point, may I introduce to you, Putrid Inbred. Putrid Inbred ply a nice line in groove laden Death metal, with a bit of Grind thrown in for fun... and their subject matter of choice, is eating things. And while that doesn't sound that extreme, when you realise that it's mainly about body parts and faeces, you may change your mind. But then again, Eat Shit is such a cool song to sing/shout along to, you can really have any cause for complaint, can you? The dual vocal attack, one gutteral, one high-pitched, hurl this one along, with the never-ending drum barrage and the chorus is a classic in the making. Just don't sing along out loud while you are on the bus!
Do you really need me to "dissect" this one for you? Just look at the song titles: Graveyard Groceries, I Eat Dead People, Stillborn Stew, Disembowling (sic) and the deliciously titled, Clit Kebab. That tells you everything you need to know about this album. It's a good blast-a-thon and damn good fun too, although it would have been even better if the lyrics had been included.

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