MIND HOLOCAUST - Full Eye Horror Reflect CD

  • MIND HOLOCAUST - Full Eye Horror Reflect CD
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Debiutancki pełny album hiszpańskiego zespołu grającego brutalny death metal w starym dobrym stylu.

The Spanish Death Metal band, MIND HOLOCAUST was born in late 2008 from the head of Oscar G. Comendador (EVIL RISE,HARDKUANNON) y Ex(ARDE TROYA,K-OS,LLVME, CASQUERIA).
With many desire of developing his creativity and after having many songs composed, He decides to record them for himself in his own studio DR.K STUDIOS . So it becomes into a " solo project ", composing and recording: guitars, basses and programming drums, mixing and mastering.
MIND HOLOCAUST style is inside the Death Metal Old School in the vein of (Death, Pestilence, Entombed, Obituary, Deicide, Suffocation etc) ... but it takes influences of other many classic bands of the metal and of other styles ... definitively the music that goes accompanying the whole life...
The lyrics also are written By Oscar G.C. They are raw and violent odes as same as the music of the group and focusing on the capacity of the man for the self-destruction, his evilness on its different forms and the obsession of put in their lives, gods and dogmatisms.
Once the songs were created, Oscar contacts CARLOS MEJÍAS, route Myspace, another known musician, previous vocalist of HUMAN MINCER and tangled into his own project THIRST OF REVENGE. He offers to put the vocals for MIND HOLOCAUST .In a couple of months the tracks are ready.
In April, 2010 an advance of the album is edited in the shape of promo for download, and at the same time the E.P. " REVIVED THROUGH TORTURE " in physical format is released, with 5 tracks, plus a couple covers of very known Death metal acts.
Due to the hard current music business situation Oscar decides to self produce the complete album. This way in January, 2011 after many waits the album goes out to the light " FULL EYE HORROR REFLECT " with 11 track and an intro. Nowadays the band is completed by GÜENDY (ASKO) on bass guitars and JORGE (SYNERGIA, AUTHORITY CRISIS …) on drums preparing the shows of the band.

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