SUFFER YOURSELF - Ectoplasm CD (digipak)

  • SUFFER YOURSELF - Ectoplasm CD (digipak)
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Drugi album potężnej funeral death/doommetalowej załogi z Ukrainy. Dla fanów EVOKEN, MY SHAMEFUL, ESOTERIC, FUNERAL, ATARAXIE, CATACOMBS, MISTRESS OF THE DEAD.

“‘Ectoplasm’ has got the power that the style demands and the band is simply oozing with the talent to back it up. And with an album of equal proportions already under their belt, Suffer Yourself proves that they by no means are pushovers and still have plenty of work to be done.” – Head-Banger Reviews

"" Ectoplasm " is rightly considered the Extreme Doom Metal album of the year, because the band does pretty much everything you can do right. Powerful songs, gloomy, oppressive and intense like a really good horror film and varied, especially with regard to the vocals, but also musically there is a lot of what keeps the album exciting. I'm really not a big doom and not a big Death Metal fan, but Suffer Yourself is even great. " Ectoplasm " should be any fan of death steel in slow motion on his shelf." - Metal Viewer

“All I can say is we will always look into the shadows and darkness for music of this quality and talent. Keep the Grey Flames burning for majesty music like this.” – Absolute Zero Media

Regarding the first track “Ectoplasm”: “Both crushingly heavy and unnervingly creepy, and with vocals that range from monstrous growls to solemn occult chanting, it’s a very enticing teaser for this new album.” – No Clean Singing

"This is a well-crafted slab of weighty doom/death with a firm emphasis on the doom side of the equation." - Wonderbox Metal

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